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We Are...

Your After School... full service after school enrichment.


We offer families class schedules that have a balanced mix of new fresh classes and old time favorites, easily accessed through our website and online 

registration, while providing infrastructure with schools’ and families’ busy lives in mind.

Our streamlined process enables us to smoothly, and quickly, bring our services to new schools, where we incorporate your existing program, and add programs and services your families are looking for. 

Our instructors are your school teachers and parents, who love the opportunity to share their passions and talents, as well as organizations including Arts Centers, Nature Centers and local businesses.  We personally vet and background check all instructors.

Over the past 10 years, we have worked hard to organically build Your After School into a flexible and fun program in our local schools, with efficient infrastructure to keep the bus moving.

Call anytime to discuss how we can create Your After School.

See you after school soon!



Hayley Marcous

Founder 888.212.3837

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